As the hospitality industry begins to “turn the corner”, we are seeing an increase in demand for upscale Sushi Chefs, Omakase Chefs, Head Japanese Chefs, Michelin Star Japanese Chefs and Japanese Restaurant Directors in Western USA and the Caribbean. Also in high demand are Michelin Star Chinese Chefs and Corporate Chinese Chefs for clients in SE Asia, especially Singapore and Hong Kong. With salaries ranging from US$75K to US$150K net plus expatriate benefits, the demand for Chefs specializing in Japanese and Chinese Cuisine are leading the comeback as restaurant doors open in typically high volume tourist locations.

There is also an overall increase in hospitality jobs where global pandemic effects are stabilizing and populations are receiving complete vaccinations. Executive Chefs are now being hired or resuming their positions and securing or reinstating key kitchen team members. Though most kitchens are on “skeleton” staffing, the hospitality industry is optimistic as it regains operations and revenue streams resume…We all look forward to seeing the new innovations being implemented in buffet-style restaurants.

Yet inbound travel bans in some countries are still limiting travel and work abroad with minimal or no work permits being issued. However, domestic hospitality job opportunities are increasing for the local marketplace as businesses reopen and gain strength online. It has been predicted that USA and China may reach a new normalcy with “no mask” requirements (vaccination proven) in most restaurants by fall 2021.

Across the board, salary expectations must still be kept realistic until revenues stabilize and both tourism and consumer confidence is restored. When considering new job opportunities during this next recovery phase, keep in mind pre-COVID-19 salary ranges may not be an option when commencing employment, yet may be realized when measurable targets have been achieved.

The wave of hiring is on its way and for some it is already here. If you are still looking for employment opportunities, update your resume and contact me at Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants today!


Cornelia Volino, CVC

Global Culinary Recruiter

Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants



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