Fees and guarantees, and value-added services

Renard International is dedicated and committed to consistently offering premium-level recruitment service to our clients. We help build management teams that are needed to compete in today’s market segments around the globe. We provide a trusted and consultative service by clearly defining and customizing every client’s unique requirements. We have always strived to be an exceptional hospitality search firm that companies and organizations can rely upon to acquire the very best talent for all key management roles. Once we implement a search strategy for you, we fully commit to completing the task at hand, in a timely fashion.

Our success is measured by your success!

Over the years, Renard International has established a world-class network of professionals in the hospitality industry. Clients who use our services will always be able to obtain the leverage of this network. We have the confidence and expertise in our global network to be a human capital force in the global hospitality recruitment industry. We identify and evaluate prospective candidates who meet your precise hiring criteria.

Renard International’s industry-specific team of professionals and global perspective, combined with our commitment, dedication and Value Added Services sets us apart from all others!

Four Ways We Can Partner and Work For You

Our Fee

Our clients are not obligated nor charged for preliminary discussions to review their hiring needs or requirements.

Renard International offers a number of fee structures that would provide you with the flexibility and value of our recruitment services: Retainer Fee/Engagement Fee, Contingency Engagement Fee, Contingency Search Fee, or Cancellation Fee.  Your company can select a fee arrangement that best fits your organization’s recruiting objectives. After you decide which format you prefer, we will send a fee agreement for the position (s) discussed. Once we receive your approval, we will collect the information to finalize the assignment profile and begin recruiting the top talent you need.

Contact us today, and we are happy to discuss our terms and conditions with you in more detail. It’s our intention to establish and develop a preferred working relationship with your company for all of your key recruitment needs.

Our Guarantee

We extend to our clients a replacement guarantee on all candidates who are successfully hired through our services should a referred candidate leave his/her employment for any reason within the guaranteed period. Renard international will conduct a new search to replace the candidate. If a suitable replacement is not referred and replaced by Renard International within a reasonable time period, this credit can be used for any future search requirements in the next 36 months. No fees will be refunded

Our Value-Added Services

Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants provides clients with “Value-Added Services” such as:

  • Clear and easy communication, keeping you informed at all times as to the status of your search and any feedback from applicants.
  • Recommendations on remuneration packages based on international remuneration surveys.
  • References in written format.
  • Arrange and coordinate interviews.
  • Coordinate specialized testing which may include culinary “taste testing.”
  • Liaise between parties in negotiating employment remuneration packages and make recommendations.
  • Assist in the preparation of formal letters of offer of employment.
  • Coordinate and assist in obtaining other required documents
  • Prepare letters of rejection on behalf of clients to unsuccessful applicants.
  • Provide follow-up assistance, as required.