f you are also thinking about how your business should confront the COVID-19 crisis or if you have already taken the first actions to adapt to the “new normal”, in this article I am going to explain several interesting measures that I have read, heard and seen from other professionals in the hotel & tourism sector who work in many of the top international hotel chains.

From my point of view, I see the industry is beginning to accept the situation, so much so that there are already many actions that we can see being implemented in advance of this new normal.

A situation of unprecedented instability is generally a good reason for cuts and exceptional measures, as well as new opportunities in the hotel and tourism industry.”

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2 Responses to “Strategies for The Hotel & Tourism Industry during the “New Normal” of Covid-19”

  1. لحسن

    مرحباً أنا إسمي لحسن من المغرب وانا أشكركم على نشر إعلانكم هادا حيث قد يوفر وضيفتا جيدتا لشخص ما وأنا أتقدم إليكم بطلب عمل معكم

  2. Aman

    An Eye Opening Article by the authors. Thank you gentleman for sharing. One has to take into account with such new Hygiene measures, with approved suppliers for Cleaning disinfectant and services.

    1. Room Cost would increase significantly
    2. This would be a good time to get into the business of Hygiene – considering COVID stats through WHO and CDC, would it be safe to assume, if one was to create a Hygiene bubble model and then sell it to the big 5 – a Billion dollar valuation would be in order.

    Hope these comments are for the Renard teams eyes only and of course Mr. Sharma, who has been instrumental in developing talent through India.

    Thank You Gentleman for sharing. Quiet Eye Opening.


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