Dear Friends and associates,

On our 48 anniversary in hospitality search, I am grateful that I have had the privilege to form Renard International for all our employees and myself. I thank the leading Hospitality Companies who trusted in us and gave us support for the last almost half a century. I am honored by what we have achieved as a team not only in the breadth of our Global Footprint but in the quality of our placements that we have delivered for our clients.  How many careers have we made over 48 years. I wish I knew?

I am also proud of the team we built by putting people first.  I have had the privilege of working with some of the best recruitment professionals, who are also fabulous human beings. They are energized by helping clients worldwide with passion and with the highest integrity and ethical standards.  Together we have accomplished a lot and personally I have been privileged to be part of the journey from the start.

As I think of my own core team, several with in excess of 30 years’ service. Everyone has been special, staying the course with dead set intent to enable sustainable growth, regardless of the somersaults that the economy has taken in recent years. I am humbled by the distance we have covered. It wasn’t always easy going, but our focus, discipline, resourcefullence and “never give up” attitude helped us succeed in placing executives in parts of the hospitality industry in that countries did not exist when we commenced business in 1970.

We have the best clients in the industry and success in itself is never an end game but an ongoing process with new benchmarks, new milestones yet to be achieved….. and that is the magic of Executive Search no two days are ever alike.

Today, Renard is a comfortable family. But I also realize that greatest growth and learning takes place outside one’s comfort zone and we have over the years  the courage to make big changes……..thank you for your unwavering support..

                       Stephen J. Renard 




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