SINCE 1970

Our Areas of Expertise


Executive-Level Management

Top-tier professionals overseeing entire operations, who are strong leaders, focused on meeting their respective organization’s profit objectives


Dynamic operational professionals creating effective management strategies that drive business and exceptional customer service

Finance and Accounting

Experienced and qualified professionals supporting the financial stability, growth and integrity of an organization


Creative and experienced culinary individuals catering to a vast repertoire of worldwide cuisine

Sales and Marketing

Driven individuals with a key focus on increasing sales, maintaining and developing current and future business

Other Specialized Hospitality Management

Qualified management staffing of Spas, Casinos, Integrated Resorts, Cruise Lines and other specialized hospitality departments/companies

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  • Gamification for your HR Team

    It is an attractive and inexpensive way how to increase the visibility of Human Resources in the organizations. In addition, Gamification is a positive impact on the employees engagement and retention. Most employees do not like HR processes; but they …Read More »
  • A Gust of Transformation……

    What do sophisticated travelers want A storm of revolution is raging through the world of indulgent lodging as increasingly ¬†sophisticated travelers deepen their search for extravagant encounters with the world around them.¬† No longer satisfied with exclusive luxury and unbridled …Read More »
  • New Beginnings

    Dear Friends and associates, On our 48 anniversary in hospitality search, I am grateful that I have had the privilege to form Renard International for all our employees and myself. I thank the leading Hospitality Companies who trusted in us …Read More »

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