Jorge Lopez


Jorge Lopez is a high-performing, equity-driven leader with over a decade of international hospitality experience, in both hotels and restaurants. He is passionate about improving establishment’s overall operational excellence, creating refined guest experiences, and is dedicated to the growth of his career and those around him.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Girona in Spain, Jorge began his professional career in the Caribbean working in various capacities with deluxe Hotel groups, including Food and Beverage Management and Hotel Operations. During his time within the Caribbean market,

Jorge delivered significant improvements in operating results and built successful teams across various departments. Since moving to Toronto in 2017, Jorge has continued to develop his hospitality knowledge and build his network, as he progressed through roles in Restaurant Management and Guest Relations with a well know Toronto downtown boutique hotel and with the Gusto 54 Group organization.

Today, Jorge looks forward to combining his devoted passion for the international hospitality industry by matching our clients’ talent management requirements and meeting our applicants’ career aspirations.