With the rising number of *regulated cannabis retail stores poised to open their doors in 2021, the Ontario cannabis retail job market opportunities continue to flourish, yet the pool of experienced and educated employee prospects in Canada remains limited.

Many are wondering if they can still get ahead of or join the *legalized cannabis retail wave? In particular during COVID-19? The answer is, absolutely!  But first, you must be qualified to protect consumers and communities by becoming educated on municipal, provincial and federal regulatory requirements.

Before opening or working in any cannabis retail store in Ontario, owners, operators, managers and even employees are required to complete a mandatory online course called CannSell Standard. It is the only cannabis retail education program in the Province of Ontario mandated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and is available at

You can also complete the CannSell Expert course, providing further insights and cannabis education on the history of cannabis, cannabis legalization and legal products, cannabis anatomy and genetics, methods of consumption, growing practices, packaging, cannabis as medicine and methods of consumption.

CannSell is owned and operated by the Canadian Cannabis Retailers Co. Ltd., a leader in training and education for responsible cannabis retailing. Their goal is to educate retail employees, store owners and management on how to responsibly sell cannabis to create safer stores and communities.

According to CannSell, the current number of regulated stores authorized to open in Ontario is 298. Are you qualified to apply? If not, consider taking your first step towards this booming Ontario marketplace, register today and get ready to launch your career in the regulated cannabis retail industry.

Cannabis Retail Store job opportunities include:

  • Retail Store Managers and Assistant Managers
  • Retail Training Managers
  • Retail Operations Manager
  • Territory Managers
  • Retail Store Buyer
  • Key Leads
  • Budtender
  • Security Guards….and more!

If you are looking to hire key management and personnel or seeking job opportunities, contact our Cannabis Recruitment Specialist, Cornelia Volino today!

*The Federal Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) came into effect on October 17, 2018 legalizing access to recreational cannabis in Canada.