Our Recruiting Process is designed to match our clients' industry specific requirements with the abilities and expectations of potential employees.
The procedure includes:

A careful review is conducted of the client's organizational plan, job requirements, gross remuneration package, timing, geographical location and special requirements. This ensures that realistic and appropriate recruitment criteria are established for each project.

Upon completion of an accurate profile, the project is assigned to a Renard team headed by a Team Leader who is familiar with the geographical area and the client job profile.

A multi-variable computer search is conducted for each position. With an active database of over 30,000 industry professionals located worldwide, candidates can be searched on by work history, styles of operations, languages and etc. Candidate career progression is constantly being tracked and files are updated on an ongoing basis. These candidates are categorized using a multifaceted career format.

Dependent on the specific requirements of our clients, a structured recruitment process will take place which maintains the confidentiality of our clients. This direct recruitment process targets specific applicants who may meet our clients requirements based on their geographical location and current employment.

In some instances, our clients' job openings may be posted on Renard International's web site without disclosing the actual employer. Renard's web site is educational, entertaining and informative and continuously draws industry professionals from around the world.

A Renard team assigned to a specific search, will review all potential candidates identified through direct recruitment, data search, specialized advertising or web postings. Selected candidates are pre-screened to determine their suitability for each position. This process may include personal or pattern telephone interviews. Selected candidates are then asked to complete a self evaluation tool referred to as a S.E.F. The S.E.F. is an evaluative tool specifically developed for our clients needs. Preliminary reference checks may be conducted at the short list stage, prior to the presentation of potential employees to our clients. As the recruitment process continues, candidates are constantly being evaluated with regard to their motivation, communication, cooperation, professionalism and changes in employment status.

A short list is presented to the client along with all supporting documentation which may include factual resumes, S.E.F.'s, preliminary references and supporting material and a statement or report as to why the candidate is suitable for the position.

After reviewing the short list, applicants will be scheduled for interviews. The interview process will be coordinated by Renard, and where required, Renard will make the necessary travel arrangements and assist in obtaining visas. At this stage, the Team Leader will provide feedback to each party, constantly measuring the candidates motivation and continued interest.

Upon completion of the interview stage, Renard may assist with verbal offers of employment or formalized offers of employment. Quite often, we become a party in the negotiation process and will ensure that excellent candidates are not lost due to an inadequate offer. As requested, we will coordinate specialized testing which may include psychological, aptitude or taste testing in the instance of culinary positions.

Renard International will take that extra step to provide value added service, keeping in mind that our mission is to assist our clients in meeting their profit objectives through intelligent and effective recruitment of key personnel.

Our service does not necessarily end with the hiring of the successful candidate.
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