Human Resources Management is in a technology disruption phase awaiting a Human Resources platform to move into simple digital-enabled operations. The work in professional HR sectors has transformed due to the massive data influx arriving from their own and other job boards as well as direct applications. This has made managing employees and talent acquisition the leading challenge today in the hospitality business.

We have not even mentioned the talent gap and the necessity to reorganize companies to be more customer-focused, innovative, and “digital” in nature which is crucially vital. Human Resources Search Consultants will therefore become much more valuable as they will save days or even months of time (lot of $) as HR Directors are overwhelmed with less than desired applicants.

Human Resources Mandate is to Lead Manage, and Operate. This will require a significant shift in technology. The HR Departments lack time to handle other imperative burdens on work tasks which also are important, and so time wasted may deflate their  organizations business performance. Adapting digital innovations in HR operations provides a potential outline to nurture productivity and revenue. Most major hotel groups can save at least a million or more dollars annually by upgrading their Technology and especially by using qualified outside recruitment firms as required.

The practicality in digitizing HR management functions will certainly drive greater business capacity and develop a positive evaluation towards companies’ HR functions.  Embracing the extensive disruption in the HR operational structure highlights, the efficiencies available in the overall data retrieval and candidates evaluation process which is why more  outside assistance is needed.

Digital Transformation in HR comes with a significant blueprint to adopt artificial intelligence and to leverage the conventional disciplines to boost business performance. Outside qualified hospitality recruitment companies can help HR Departments giving then time to digitize and to boost engagement in business lanes while growing profitcapacities.

In other words: HR Department will  have to go back to school on how to best use the new technologies and not be afraid to call for outside aid. Just look at Marriott’s interactive online recruitment system to see what is to be done. Yet nothing can replace a skilled and well learned global hospitality recruitment consultant who can evaluate a resume in a matter of seconds; faster than any robot. Renard International Consultants average over 15 years with our company and all can tell a premium resume from a dud immediately with no computer added

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