Hospitality in Amman is authentic and heartfelt.

Meeting people in the capital of Jordan is a genuine pleasure. The 4 million plus people in this Arab nation have a diverse ethnicity and Bedouin heritage.

Though Arabic is the official language of Jordan, many speak English or are willing to find someone who does to ensure communication is never a concern.

Consideration and genuine interest towards guests or tourists in Amman creates an opportunity for insight and appreciation of the Jordanian lifestyle and culture.

Proud of their authentic cuisine both in maintaining and showcasing its rich flavours and influences, Jordanian Chefs are excited to offer these healthy and light specialties in “family” or “sharing” plate style.

Mezze are small plate appetizers featuring a variety of dishes found throughout the Mediterranean, drizzled and flavoured with locally produced olive oil, fresh garlic and lemon. As the start to every meal, mezze can include tabbouleh, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, olives, hummus, baba ganoush, tahini, labneh and warm pita bread.

Traditional dishes also include mansaf, a dish of lamb, rice and jameed. Shish taouk is chicken marinated in yogurt and lemon juice then grilled, and kofta, is a type of grilled ground meatball usually served on skewers.

Jordanians are very proud of their maqluba, meaning “upside down”, a classic casserole of meat, rice, root vegetables and potatoes cooked in a covered black cast-iron pot, traditionally buried in the ground, and flipped over on a plate or platter for service.

For dessert, Jordanians love osmaliyeh, a shredded phyllo dough filled with rosewater cream and topped with crushed pistachio. Served with Turkish or Arabic cardamom coffee, any Jordanian meal is complete.

Visitors to Amman will appreciate the significant efforts made by Jordanian Chefs, hospitality professionals and generations of families to ensure the preservation of their authentic cuisine and its collective heritage.

Amman is a true hidden jewel of aromatic flavours, religious and historical landmarks and culture galore.


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